El Capitan High School


Pathways improve high schools by providing an exciting learning environment that motivates students. Pathways include academic and technical courses centered on broad industry themes that help students:
  • Prepare for both college and career 
  • Learn through connecting academics to real world applications
  • Have more options after high school 
Why enroll in a pathway? 
  • Prepare for college and career - not just one
  • Benefit from unique opportunities
  • Earn certifications and/or college credit
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Participate in industry tours, job shadows, internships, mentoring, and school enterprises 



Students commit to the completion of a primary agriculture pathway beginning in the 9th or 10th grade and are allowed to take additional agriculture courses concurrently or following the completion of their primary pathway on a space available basis.

Science and Sustainable Agriculture (3-year commitment)
Students acquire a broad understanding of a variety of agricultural areas and career opportunities, participate in occupationally relevant experiences. This pathway can be used to meet the science graduation and “a-g” requirements.
 Agricultural Biology* C or H (Concurrent with California Agriculture)
 Chemistry and Agriscience* C
 Advanced Disciplinary Science for Sustainable Agriculture* H

Agricultural Mechanics (3-year commitment)
Prepares students for careers related to the construction, operation, and maintenance of equipment used by the agriculture industry.

 California Agriculture
 Agricultural Mechanics: Metal Fabrication Technology
 Construction and Repair of Farm Projects

Ornamental Horticulture and Floral Design (3-year commitment)
Prepares students for careers in the nursery, landscaping, and floral industries.

 California Agriculture
 Floral Art and Design 3/4*
 Floral Art and Design 5/6

Agriculture Business and Leadership (3-year commitment)
Students learn about the agricultural business operation and management.

 California Agriculture
 Special Studies in Leadership
 Agricultural American Government*/Agricultural Economics* C
*C-College Prep

General Constructions

Residential and Commercial Construction Pathway (3-year commitment)
Provides learning opportunities for those interested in preparing for
careers in construction and building design, performance and sustainability.

 General Construction 1/2
 General Construction 3/4
 General Construction 5/6

Project Lead the Way - Computer Science

Project Lead the Way - Computer Science Pathway (3-year commitment)
Engages students in interdisciplinary activities to build knowledge and skills in computer science as well as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication and perseverance that they will utilize in high
school and any career path they choose. 

 Computer Science Essentials
 AP Computer Science Principles
 Cyber Security

Health Careers – Med Tech Pathway (non CTE)

Health Careers – Med Tech Pathway (4-year science sequence)
Traditional science courses are taught with a medical emphasis to prepare students for college courses and career training. The pathway can be used to meet the science graduation and “a-g” requirements.
College Prep Pathway 
Space and Earth Science
Biology & Community Health
Chemistry & Community Health
Honors Pathway
Biology & Community Health
Chemistry & Community Health
AP Biology or AP Physics

Global Language and Leadership Program (non CTE)

Global Language and Leadership Program (4-year commitment)
Provides an innovative and rigorous course of study for students who are interested in further developing multiple language proficiencies in high school and is open to all with the language ability. Programs are offered in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Students take a target language course each year of high school in addition to an immersion course in the same language. The 9 th grade immersion course is Theater. Students pursuing triliteracy would take an additional language course each year.