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Graduation Requirements for High School Diploma

Subject Area 

 Social Science (40 credits = 4 years)
 English (40 credits = 4 years)                            
 Mathematics (30 credits = 3 years)                            
 Science (20 credits = 2 years)                      
 Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language (10 credits = 1 year)          
 Electives (60 credits)                            
 Physical Education (20 Credits = 2 years)                
    • Completion of 220 Credits
    • Technology Requirement (Met in full year of Geography)
    • Post-Secondary Plan (Met through Guidance/Counseling)
A-G Subject Requirements for Admission to CSU and UC Schools

Subject Area 

 History (A) U.S. History, Government, World History

 English (B) College Prep or higher                            
 Mathematics (C) Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
 Science (D) 2 years with Laboratory
 Foreign Language (E) 2 years in same language
 Visual/Performing Arts (F) 1 year-long course in same subject       

 Elective (G) 1 year of an academic elective       


         = Required
         = Recommended
1 box = 1 year (2 Semesters)

Contacting Your Support Team

If you are a STUDENT, and you want to meet with your counselor or academic advisor, you have several options.
1. Walk into the guidance office and check in with the  VP Secretary before school, during lunch, or after school (no appointment necessary). This method is best for students who have a minor concern or question that can be addressed quickly.
2. Fill out an appointment request (available in the guidance office at the clerk station). Write down the nature of your concern. This method is best for students who have a concern or question that may take more time to address. The student will be responsible for making up whatever instruction or assignment was missed.
3. Walk in anytime. This method is ONLY for students who have a concern that needs immediate attention. A student who needs immediate attention should report to the VP secretary, who will assess the situation and contact whichever counselor, is available to assist the student.
4. E-mail, less formal but highly effective.
If you are a PARENT or GUARDIAN, and you have a general counseling question or concern, the most effective way to contact your student’s counselor or academic advisor, is via his or her e-mail address. You can also contact them via voicemail; however voicemail messages are not reviewed until the end of the day. They will attempt to return your call within 24 hours.  
If you have a question about your student’s current grades or content in a course, contact the teacher directly. The teacher contact information can be located under the “Staff” tab on the El Capitan home page.

If you need to meet with your student’s counselor or academic advisor, please contact them directly to schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that if the issue you wish to discuss with the counselor or academic advisor is teacher-related, the counselor will request that you speak with the teacher first.

Guidance Mission Statement
The Guidance Department at El Capitan High School, in partnership with staff, parents, and the community, will ensure skills for ALL students in the following areas:
Academic Achievement
Personal/Social Development
College and Career Planning
All students will be prepared to be responsible and productive members of society.